I have extensive experience working with adults, teens and families. My areas of specialization are Life Transitions, Addictions, Anxiety, Trauma, Dissociative Disorders and Grief.

I work together with my clients to identify core strengths, focus on innate healing ability, and use established methods of psychotherapy to allow for personal development and growth. I find EMDR to be highly effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress and issues related to addiction. My overall approach is comprehensive and, above all, sensitive to each client’s unique needs.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University. My internship was with the Family Service Agency of Marin, with an emphasis on Substance Abuse and Recovery.

Extensive training in the field has helped me to develop an approach based on life experience and actual results.

My approach is integral and I incorporate several treatment modalities to improve awareness of feelings and well being that facilitate change, self healing and personal growth.

For example, I may use mindfulness techniques to alleviate symptoms of stress or Eye Movement desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for tapping into your resources or processing difficult traumas.

I believe strongly that a collaborative approach best supports each individual in becoming the person they want to be.